What is Towair™?

Towair™ is the solution for towboats to protect the crew, systems onboard, the environment and the ship itself against the major negative impact of vibration and noise. It even offers protection against harmful ultra low frequencies, that are impossible to isolate using conventional solutions.

As one of the leading solution providers, Loggers minimizes the negative impact of shock, vibration and noise on all types of ships and vessels. With Towair™ we developed  the world’s first and only air based spring solution specifically for towboats that eliminates all vibrations starting at 1,5 Hz. Towair™ also reduces the noise transfer significantly.  In the accommodations aboard European towboats noise levels of only 45 to 50 dB(A) are achieved. The excellent vibration isolation and noise reduction improves working conditions significantly, allowing towing companies to operate 24/7 under the strict working conditions & safety act.

The heart of the system is a set-up of several air bellows mounted underneath the deckhouse. Air literally separates the accommodations from the hull. A relatively simple but ingenious pneumatic system regulates that compressed air in the springs keep the deckhouse at the middle of the air springs’ four centimeter travel at all time, regardless of the load on the springs. In addition to the air springs, hydraulic shock absorbers are mounted in both the horizontal and vertical direction to ensure adequate damping of the movement.

Towair™ proved to increase the safety and working conditions aboard towboats numerous times already, ensuring continuous operation and gaining competitive advantage without increasing maintenance costs.