About Towair™

The Towair™ solution is the result of years of experience with air suspension systems. The solution’s predecessor has its origin in the 1980’s. An international leading navy needed to reduce the vibration and noise caused by the diesel engine of one of the most modern submarines at that time. Due to the nature of the air suspension solution Loggers equipped the submarine with, their submarines could remain longer unnoticed. This in turn provided the navy with strategic advantages during their missions.

In the early 90’s ThyssenKrupp Veerhaven, one of Europe’s most modern and prominent push-tow shipping companies, was allowed by law to increase capacity from 4 to 6 pushing barges . This led to an increase of the level of engine caused noise and vibration, which in its turn had a negative impact on the working conditions aboard. In order to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, a new type of deckhouse suspension was required. Based on the earlier naval experience  with air suspension, Loggers developed an innovative solution tailored to the specific characteristics of towboats: Towair™. This patented solution allows continuous operation for the Veerhaven, while the crew, the equipment and its direct environment are well protected against vibrations and noise. Due to the effectiveness, high levels of comfort and durability this solution provides, ThyssenKrupp  now equips all Veerhaven towboats with Towair™.

The technology, knowledge and experience on which Towair™ is based is also widely used in other maritime applications. Clients in the dredging, offshore and defense industry also benefit from the advantages our air suspension systems have to offer.

About Loggers
Loggers is thought leader and international recognized solution provider in the field of vibration and shock isolation and noise control. With an excellent technical know-how combined with in-depth market knowledge and experience, Loggers provides innovative solutions for the most complex and challenging situations for leading clients worldwide. By working closely with clients Loggers allows them to realize their strategic business objectives with specific solutions to operational problems in the following market segments: shipbuilding, dredging, defense, engineering, offshore and transportation. Please contact us for more information.