Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with various local regulations and acts is an issue every company is confronted with. When your fleet can’t comply with local regulations on vibration levels and comfort on board of your ships, this can influence your business and profitability substantially. The Towair™ system can eliminate up to 98% of all harmful vibrations in the deckhouse and protects the crew, the equipment and its direct environment against vibrations and noise to new levels.

Towair™ already proved to be the solution for compliance with Europe’s laws and regulations regarding safety and working conditions while gaining the business advantage of continuous operation. Local regulations all around the globe may vary significantly. However, in many areas around the world (e.g. the USA) trends are visible that in the very near future regulations will get more strict and will also apply for inland shipping. Not anticipating on these regulations can have big consequences on daily operations in the future and eventually poses risks for the continuity of your business.